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TR-4 20w50 Pro-Series Racing Oil

1 liter:

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Typical Uses


TR-4 SAE 20W50 – Recommended for use in racing engines or highly modified street engines where an SAE 15W50 or 20W50 are specified. Highly recommended for gas or alcohol fuels, including aspirated, injected, supercharged,turbo charged or nitrous oxide equipped applications. Commonly used in sprint cars, drag racing and circle track.

Product Description



TR-4 Synthetic Blend Racing Oils are specifically formulated for racing engines using

alternative fuels, superchargers, turbo chargers or nitrous oxide systems. The unique

blend of synthetic and hydro processed petroleum base stocks provide exceptional

thermal stability and superior ring sealing capabilities under the most severe conditions.

TR-4 incorporates a unique combination of race specific additives and polymers

designed to reduce wear, eliminate deposits and maintain optimum oil pressure. TR-4

also utilizes our MPZ® chemistry, which reduces frictional losses for increased horsepower and torque.


Features & Benefits


-Synthetic blend formula

-For alternative fuels, superchargers, turbo chargers or nitrous systems

-Exceptional thermal stability & ring seal

-Superior wear and deposit control chemistry

-Formulated with MPZ® for decreasing frictional losses

-Maximizes ring sealing

Meets & Exceeds


Exceeds API performance requirements. Intended for racing applications.



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