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SR-1 10w30 Super Sport Racing Oil

1 liter:

      € 14.70


Typical Uses


Recommended for use in racing or modified street engines where SAE 5w30 or 30 are specified. Commonly used in 4, 6 and 8 cylinder racing engines for road racing, drag racing, circle track and highly recommended for hot rods and late model sport cars. Turbo and supercharged approved.

Product Description


Torco SR-1 Synthetic Racing Oil is engineered to protect engines under severe racing conditions and offers the highest level of performance and engine protection. It features the latest in high VI synthetic base oil along with Torco's exclusive race proven additive chemistry, MPZ®. It provides excellent anti-wear and anti-friction of vital engine components including bearings, cams, cylinders, pistons, rings and valvetrain parts by minimizing frictional losses to deliver more horsepower and torque output. SR-1 Racing Oils are designed to optimize film strength for racing engines to protect engine parts from premature wear during and after startup.

Features & Benefits


- An original MPZ® racing formula

- Race specific additive technology

- Superior load carrying and engine protection

- Excellent ring seal and thermal stability

Meets & Exceeds


 Exceeds API performance requirements and intended for racing applications.



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